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IRS Tax Problem: IRS Hardship Status? Clients Social Security Benefit Levy Removed within Hours.

Sadi M. of Dearborn, Michigan needed help with an seemingly forever lingering IRS tax problem. Client was being levied by the IRS. As if the Social Security benefit is paid is a large amount either. Sadi called the Tax Help Hawaii tax professional to discuss hiring...

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Part IV: Critical 5 “L’s”: Levy, Tax Lien, Lift Levy and Love Life. IRS Tax Problem Solved

IRS tax problem solved.  Life is way too short to wrangle with an IRS or State tax problem. A corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship has tax obligations requiring specific responsibilities of the designated officers, member and owners. The vail of business...

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Part III: Critical 5 “L’s”: Levy, Tax Lien, Lift Levy and Love Life. IRS Tax Problem Solved

Lift Levy. Lift can mean a lot of different things. Lifting weights to stay in shape or lift a heavy object such as new home construction with heavy beams and concrete materials. A tax levy generated for past due tax balances is heavy burden for the unexperienced to...

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Tax Lien: Part II: Critical 5 “L’s”: Levy, Tax Lien, Lift and Love Life. IRS Tax Problem Solved

Today an explanation of what is an IRS tax lien and what is the purpose of a tax lien? Liens and credit reports is bad recipe for disaster for the household economy. Big ticket purchases such as buying a home, automobile, appliances, college entrance applications,...

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Part I: Critical 5 “L’s”: Levy, Lien, Lift and Love Life. IRS Tax Problem Solved

Looking to address a long overdue IRS tax problem or Levy? Has the IRS collection enforcement process come knocking at the door in the form of a Revenue Officer? If the tax problem goes unaddressed long enough, a tax levy is sure to find you. The goal is to make a...

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Unauthorized State or IRS Seizure of Money Taken is a Called a Wage Levy, Bank Levy, Offset of State Refund or Wage Garnishment

As if life is not cruel enough as it is…IRS or State collection enforcement has far reaching capabilities. As a last resort to gain the Taxpayer’s attention, the bank, the vendor, the social security administration, the federal contract or employer notifies you....

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Part II: IRS Offer in Compromise Income Tax Settlement is Approved Federal Tax Lien Release requires More Prodding. Federal Lien Release is not Always Time Friendly.

Once the IRS Offer in Compromise (OIC) is accepted and the tax settlement is for less than $10,000 US dollars, more work is required.  The motivation to resolve an existing tax balance is to root out the FICO score damaging IRS Federal Tax Lien.   The Atlanta /...

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