IRS Offer In Compromise

Taxpayer owes Twenty Five Thousand Seven Hundred and Seventy Five Dollars ($25,765). The taxpayer fell victim to bad advice for tax relief withholding practices until the balance owed became burdensome beyond ones wildest estimations. Wage levy / garnishments, bank levies and aggressive collection letters prompted the need for tax relief help, Taxpayer looked to DWK Tax Group for help and got tangible IRS tax help via a competent IRS Offer in Compromise submission.


Herbert K. of Waimanalo, Hawaii was referred to DWK Tax Group via a high school classmate by passing a business card out at a recent high school reunion in Las Vegas, Nevada. Taxpayer had a good tax return filing habits however 1099 / Independent Contractor income tax obligations and estimated tax payments had been left unpaid. The process has taken approximately a year and a half for final IRS Offer in Compromise acceptance.

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“Settling an IRS Balance Owed with the IRS or any state is no walk in the park. The process takes skill, diligence and timing for all of it to gel” Says Enrolled Agent, Andrew Hatchie Jr. “The client came to us looking for us to arrange tax relief by an installment agreement. After conducting our case file assessment upfront DWK recognized there may be more tax relief avenues than originally thought.”

Bottom line: IRS Offer in Compromise tax settlement accepted for $3130.40 a total savings of $22,645.00.

Saving tens of thousands is not an isolated event, in fact, the challenge that comes with each and every file is right for the general public to be considered. Life is way too short to live under the constant duress of tax collection enforcement. Mr. Herbert K. decided enough was enough. It was time to do something about the unnecessary an anxiety of unpaid tax obligation.

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Ready to make conscious change to your approach to income tax relief, see the safety of a company who actually cares, pending your current financial snapshot we too may have the same end result time and time again.

DWK Tax Group, INC.: Operated across America by credentialed tax professionals only. QB pro advisors and IRS Enrolled Agents will acquire the IRS tax relief you deserve. No salesman, no song and dance, just honest assessment’s, what more can you ask for. Unfiled tax returns can be completed in 48 hours.

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