irs tax problemIRS tax problem solved.  Life is way too short to wrangle with an IRS or State tax problem. A corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship has tax obligations requiring specific responsibilities of the designated officers, member and owners. The vail of business structure will only protect you if your tax obligations are in check.


Keoni K. of Kahului, Maui, Hawaii created an S Corp in the late 90’s. The service provided by the taxpayer/S corporation was heavy equipment operation. Advice provided to Keoni was that the general excise use tax (4% of gross income) obligation as an “intermediary” would lower his tax rate to .5%. In 2009 the State of Hawaii was experiencing large a decrease in tax revenue triggering an audit assault of business deemed not paying their fair share. The State of Hawaii retro collected on the sales and use tax rate of 4% triggering a massive tax bill still existing today.

A few years later the S corporation ceased operations but was not properly shuttered with the federal government, state government and Department of Consumer and Commerce Affairs (DCCA) office. The Department of Taxation created unauthorized tax returns to create a bogus balance to collect on today. Since the S corporation no longer exist the tax dispute and balance due fell back on the designated officers of record. Do not let this nightmare scenario happen to you.

Remember…Its only taxes. Folks make mistakes all the time, however, it should not ruin your business structure. If business goes down? Family structure begins to wane…All of a sudden life is really not so lovable. Resolve the IRS tax problem, only bad things will follow if not engaged today.

Why DWK Tax Group, INC. –

  • Cases are not accepted unless a benefit exist for new clients, Free consultation phone call of 20 minutes required
  • No middle man to filter tax representative contact
  • DWK Tax Group offers “stand up” people with answers not excuses
  • Ultra-transparency of strategy and mitigation game plan
  • Client and tax professional relationship essential to spawn favorable terms of settlement
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  • Reasonable pricing based on “work required” not “balance owed”.


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