irs offer in compromise

IRS Offer in Compromise. One of the most difficult tasks to achieve is acquiring an IRS Offer in Compromise to settle back taxes owed. Inquiry of submission requires a clear and concise application where all income and expenses need accurate support documents to verify.


Remember, the burden of proof rests with the taxpayer, period.

Effective immediately: Any and all IRS Offer in Compromise (OIC) submission must have mandatory compliance. If any missing or unfiled tax returns exist the Internal Revenue Service will automatically reject the IRS OIC submission. Good news is the IRS will actually send the paid funds (deposit and application fee) back to the troubled taxpayer. Monies weren’t always returned in the past for ambiguous OIC filings.

Tax resolution companies whom accept your case should have done their diligence upfront in the very first consult. Do not fall victim to the crooks that lurk in the dark side of the internet promising you unwarranted success without a thorough interview prior to enlisting tax resolution services.

Reasons for settle for an amount for less than you currently owe are as follows:

  • Income
  • Expenses
  • Asset possession
  • And ability to pay

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Conscious representation provided by DWK Tax Group refuses to prey on your precarious situation without a reasonable possibility of success. DWK Tax’s IRS Offer in Compromise success rate is 97%. Call for you tax relief so desperately needed. Whether it is filing missing tax returns or business restructuring or needing help with staying on your multiple tax obligations, DWK Tax Group plans to keep you as a client for life, nationwide.


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