bookkeeping servicesWhether structured as a Corporation, Partnership or a Sole Proprietor, a critical service such as bookkeeping services is often unjustified and over looked. Truth be told, it’s the superior bookkeeping habit that keeps the taxman at bay, most importantly keep your business flourishing.


Accounting software available on the market today is user friendly, secure and in real time. One of the accounting programs used is Quickbooks. A Quickbook Pro-Advisor on staff will assist the potential client with set up, questions and answers to be brought up to speed in no time at all. Anywhere, anytime, anyplace access to the health and direction of your burgeoning business.

Here are the top 10 reasons for DWK Tax Group, INC. bookkeeping services:

  1. Substantiation of IRS and State tax return preparation & filings
  2. Maximized “NET BUSINESS” expenses claimed to lower the tax liability
  3. Real time reports of how well or how bad your business in doing
  4. Payroll tax returns and withholdings paid systematically.
  5. Pending business income filing periods may be monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual
  6. Sales tax and Use tax reporting for local or county tax obligations.
  7. IRS Audit trace of income and expenses
  8. Employee incentive program tracking
  9. Trace product purchases for resale and inventory
  10. Put your energy into making money, don’t be bogged down by tedious tasks of paying your estimated tax payments or general excise tax obligation


FREE tax relief consultation and to discuss bookkeeping service quotes call DWK Tax Group at 1-866-226-6102.

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