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Looking to address a long overdue IRS tax problem or Levy? Has the IRS collection enforcement process come knocking at the door in the form of a Revenue Officer? If the tax problem goes unaddressed long enough, a tax levy is sure to find you. The goal is to make a plan, navigate the obstacles and settle for the best case consequence based on your current financial condition.


You, are not alone!

IRS or State tax problems are stressful, invasive and unnecessary. Each and every circumstance has its’ variables to apply to the solution. Reaching out to speak to a seasoned tax professional may very well be your best and only option.


An IRS levy permits the legal seizure of your property to satisfy a tax debt. It can garnish wages, take money in your bank or other financial account, seize and sell your vehicle(s), real estate and other personal property. A Tax Levy can morph into many forms to satisfy a collection of disregarded notices of collection.

  • Bank Levy – Taxpayer has options to prove monies levied can be returned given specific circumstances, dial DWK Tax Group at 1 – 8 6 6 – 2 2 6 – 6 1 0 2 to acquire representation
  • Wage Levy – Employers have one pay period to comply or be liable for employee tax debt
  • Retirement account levy – Levy on retirement can reach future payments, Baby boomers beware
  • Social Security (SS) levy – SSI and RSDI are fair game to garnish. A 15% cap applies. States cannot touch SS income.
  • Military retirement levy – DFAS is not immune to the levy power of the IRS
  • Levy on Cash Loan Value of Life Insurance – Taxpayer has 90 days to pay pending actual notice of the tax lien. We will discuss liens tomorrow.
  • Death benefit levy – So much for leaving money for the children if a tax balance due goes unaddressed
  • Department of Veteran Affairs levy – Insurance policies can be levied


Here is the point, many dejected taxpayers came to DWK Tax Group with nowhere to turn. We flipped the adversity into a positive. The thousands of clients now have the peace of mind whom thought never to achieve.

Ours clients sleep well at night, you can too. Dial DWK tax Group at 1 – 8 6 6 – 2 2 6 – 6 1 0 2 for a FREE tax relief consult, we will not accept your case unless we are benefit to your overall situation. Call us at anytime, we’ve been waiting for you.


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