lift levyLift Levy. Lift can mean a lot of different things. Lifting weights to stay in shape or lift a heavy object such as new home construction with heavy beams and concrete materials. A tax levy generated for past due tax balances is heavy burden for the unexperienced to lift and requires knowledge and strength to navigate the shark infested waters of folks you must be able to trust as your representation.


Got a wage levy? Bank levy? The aforementioned levies are the most common DWK Tax Group, INC. resolves within hours. Levies generated by the IRS requires an exchange of forms such the Form 2848, Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representation in which allows a designated representative to speak on behalf of the taxpayer. The Form 2848 will remain in place unless replaced or revoked or removed. All communications with the IRS is sent for the representative review via snail mail.

Sammy K. of Charlotte, North Carolina had a mortgage payment due, already 30 days late. Utility bills were being neglected due to a wage levy. The garnishment was encumbering 65% of the monthly income from his employer. Money was not readily available for hiring tax resolution help. Sammy borrowed retainer from family and friends, an affordable DWK payment plan was set-up. Upon engagement agreement and the exchange of Form 2848, DWK Tax Group, INC. sprung into action within minutes of contract agreement receipt.

DWK Tax Group, INC. contacted our friends at the IRS practitioner hotline (really short wait times lately). Taxpayer rep discussed the nuances of the file, ordered necessary information to file missing tax returns. The taxpayer now client was granted time to regroup. Lastly the, levy was lifted in 48 minutes.

Sammy was ecstatic! He was on the correct path to recovery from a long time burden that took years to create. Hiring representation is an investment in yourself, Sammy then realized he had options he had no idea was available.

Need “real” help? Call DWK Tax Group at 1 – 8 6 6 – 2 2 6 – 6 1 0 2 for more information and a FREE tax relief consultation but most importantly a lifted levy.

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