irs offer in compromiseIRS Offer in Compromise acceptance.  Internal Revenue Service does have a human side to their madness. Programs such as the “Fresh Start” initiative are geared for the troubled taxpayer to reboot, however, no more missing tax returns for 5 years is accepted by the IRS.


How did we get into hot water with the IRS in the first place? 75% of all tax resolution cases begin with unfiled or missing tax returns for both business and individual filing obligations. For whatever reason folks believe, if they can’t pay the bill it would be better not to file at all. Truth is…get a bill and work it out from there.

Here are some logical reasons to be in compliance and file in a timely manner:

  • Avoidance of unnecessary penalties and interest compounded daily. Why pay the tax man more than what is required.
  • If tax were withheld by your employer for the federal government and the correct designation of the correct amount of exemptions are claimed. A feasible thought justification to file regularly is to treat the refund as a “savings” account.
  • Looking to buy a house and achieve the American dream? Tax returns are used to determine the average disposable income to qualify for a VA, FHA or conventional loan.
  • Work history minimum of 2 years required by most lenders to qualify for a home loan. The tax return verifies your long term employment history or like industry of a sustained period of time
  • Federal student loan assistance and grants.
  • Small Business Administration funding and upstart grants.
  • College applications.
  • IRS refunds are only paid if filed within the refund statute of 3 years including extensions. If an existing tax debt balance is not paid, the refund will be “offset” to the year of oldest balance.

If you have a computer and a printer? Interested in resolving your tax problem at the core?

You will never need to leave your home to resolve the tax problem that took years to create.

DWK Tax Group will file as far back as tax period 2001 if need be. Contrary to what many believe, it really matters who is filing your missing tax returns, we pride ourselves in submitting audit proof tax returns. Let’s get them done fast, systematically and substantiated.

People came to us in trouble…now they are corporate, partnership, sole proprietor, general excise or use, payroll, estate, gift compliant.

FREE Tax relief consultation call DWK Tax Group Inc. at 1-866-226-6102.

Thank you for reading…

DWK Tax Group Inc.

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