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Filing a tax return serves various functions for tax relief…A tax return helps the taxpayer summarize one’s life for 365 days.

A new born, a home purchase, got married, income credits, general business health, etc. However, NOT filing a tax return will create, a tax debt owed and will be added to an already large tax balance owed, or generate a tax return prepared against your will by the IRS (called a substitute tax return).

Take Richard “Dick” Rosa from Florida, he set up an IRS installment agreement to payback a tax bill generated by a real estate investment abandoned due to hard times. Erroneously, he took this approach on his own without any inquiry with a tax professional. Taxpayer paid on the balance for years via levies and garnishments unnecessarily. He could have had less costly tax relief by calling a tax professional such as DWK Tax Group.

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Taxpayer, Richard Rosa, came to DWK Tax Group and communicated his situation. The tax preparation staff asked for additional detailed information of the real estate transaction and boom, tax problem is resolved, tax relief obtained. IRS and state now owes the Taxpayer monies incorrectly collected upon.

For a FREE tax consultation call 1-866-226-6102 and visit

DWK Tax Group is a full service State and IRS Tax Preparation Company, State and IRS Tax Resolution and Bookkeeping services.

Tax Preparers, State and IRS Tax Attorney and Enrolled Agents representation.

We will release your IRS Wage Levy / Wage Garnishment in 24 to 48 hours or less.

We also offer Tax Relief Services for the following:

***State and IRS Tax preparation services
*** IRS Wage Levy / Wage Garnishment Release / Tax Lien
*** Offer In Compromise
*** Penalty Abatement
*** Unfiled Tax Returns
*** IRS Installment Agreement
*** IRS Bank Levy Release
*** Innocent Spouse Protection
*** 940 / 941 Payroll Taxes
*** 940 / 941 Business Taxes

For a FREE tax consultation call 1-866-226-6102 and visit

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